What is Folgers Coffee? A Comprehensive Guide

Folgers Coffee has been delighting novices and aficionados alike since its inception during California's Gold Rush era! Learn more about this iconic brand here.

What is Folgers Coffee? A Comprehensive Guide

Folgers coffee is the best part of waking up. Get to know the different types of coffee from Folgers, including their story, coffee basics, and recipes. Procter & Gamble acquired the Folgers brand and started distributing it nationwide. Advertising was instrumental in making Folgers the number one coffee brand in the United States, so the character of Ms.

Olson was introduced to television and print campaigns. Olson became the face of the brand for more than 20 years. Folgers coffee is a brand of ground, instant, single-use coffee that is produced in the United States and sold there, as well as in Asia, Canada, and Mexico. It is part of the food and beverage division of The J.

M. Smucker Company. Folgers Classic Roast is a very popular blend of robusta and medium-roasted arabica coffee beans. Inside every can of Folger's Classic Roast is 100 percent coffee.

Folgers, like Maxwell House, and many other popular mass-market coffee brands, produces coffee in pre-ground blends. Folger's coffee originated in California during the gold rush era. San Francisco-based coffee company Pioneer saw a niche market for ready-to-brew coffee, rather than unroasted green beans. Folger started out as a carpenter in the construction of Pioneer's first mill and, in 1872, was the sole owner of the company.

The company, recently renamed Folger's, expanded throughout the West, becoming part of Proctor and Gamble in the 20th century, and was later acquired by Smucker's. Folger's Classic Roast is a big-selling brand in the mass market. The list of ingredients in the iconic red package is very simple: Folger's contains 100 percent coffee, according to its label. No additives or preservatives are listed.

Some Internet sites and web forums serving the celiac and gluten intolerant community have received reports of adverse reactions from Folger's coffee, but they are rare. The company's position is that their product does not contain natural gluten and that they take all appropriate measures to avoid cross-contamination. The coffee beans of the world are divided into two main varieties: Arabica plants produce coffee with deep and complex flavors and aromas; robusta coffees are richer in caffeine but have simpler flavors with harsh and bitter tones. Arabica plants are more demanding and difficult to grow, while robusta can be grown in a much wider range of areas; this makes robusta beans cheaper and therefore popular in market brands.

Folger's Classic Roast is a mixture of robusta and arabica beans, with arabicas used to moderate the roughness of robusta beans. Beginning in the 19th century, the Folgers brand has been delighting novices and coffee aficionados for decades. Regular blends can awaken your senses in the morning or any other time you need to feel energized; Folgers decaffeinated coffee lets you enjoy the taste you love without caffeine; Folgers also offers K-cup form coffees as well as cappuccino and instant blends. A 1985 Folgers TV ad called Peter Comes Home was particularly associated with Christmas holidays.

But if you're ever desperate for a cup of joe or compared to really bad mass-market brands that aren't even made from Arabica beans, Folgers coffee is an option to consider. Under Peter Folger's leadership in the mid-20th century, the brand became one of the leading coffee companies in North America—the largest coffee market in the world—and still uses its original recipe from when it was founded in the 19th century. Folger's describes its coffees as being cultivated in mountains—implying but not specifying high altitude—and on his return to San Francisco in 1865, Peter Folger became a full partner of Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. The five-story brick building of Folger Coffee Company at 101 Howard Street in San Francisco, California is its former headquarters; although it is still the best-selling packaged pre-ground coffee in the United States, brand views are shifting downwards. Folgers Instant was launched in 1953 but later discontinued as it did not live up to customer expectations.

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